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Get traffic like NEVER before from TRUSTED sources – Tiktok, youtube, instagram, twitter, reddit and many other social media networks.

No cold calling, this software finds & closes TARGETED influencers at any budget

Created For Beginners… No prior experience needed. 3 steps is all it takes to get the best quality of traffic with this in minutes.

Get Influencers to Promote your offer to their large 100k or 1million+ subscribers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs.

With Commercial License – Get Traffic for Others & Make Money. Get New Clients, Create their campaign from your dashboard, get them Traffic, and Charge Them One Time High Price or Monthly Recurring Fee.

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
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First And Foremost,
Here’s Proof That This Is NOT Theory:

Getting Fresh Traffic With Upreachr App Is
As Easy As 3 Steps:

Step #1 – Ready

Log into the app, select your preferred traffic source, or a combination of them

Step #2 – Set

Choose what you want to promote, an affiliate link, your page, a website, it could be anything. No restrictions.

Step #3 – Go

Start getting traffic within hours even, real buyer traffic you won’t ever get tired of. This traffic is also reliable, top secret and not saturated at all.

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

Get Instant Access to Upreachr App
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Normal Price: $497

Today Only $33.50

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From the desk of:

Victory Akpos

Hey hey hey,
My name is Victory Akpos, I don’t like to self brag but I do want to make one thing clear, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to traffic generation.

In fact, I’ve been making 7 figures profit per year for multiple years in a row now, And that is mainly because I know how to get traffic VERY fast to anywhere I want.

Whether I start a new local business or building my list, I can easily get thousands of clicks on demand.

I know my free traffic and I know my paid traffic.

I also know my influencers traffic and you’re about to as well, and with the help of my amazing development team, We created something that completely AUTOMATES the manual process of getting influencer traffic, making it 3 step easy to get traffic.

What Is Influencer Traffic & What Makes It So GOOD?

You see, all over social media networks you have people with many fans, followers and high engagement.

These are called influencers.

They are on top of their game, everyone follows them, everyone listens to them, what they wear, people want to wear, what they say, people want to hear.

Just like celebrities.

Imagine well known & trusted influencers with AMAZING engagement recommending your products, videos and pages.

Just imagine the psychological, thought process for a second where someone with tens of thousands and even millions of super targeted, super engaging followers, mentions your product, link, video, site or brand, or recommends it, talks about it, wears it, depending on your niche.

And imagine all it took is a bit of cash (more for bigger influencers, but you scale as you earn plus you can adjust your budget) to get that.

Get Traffic From Tik Tok, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter & Blogs From Influencers At YOUR Budget!

And this isn’t just shoutouts or mentions you’ll be getting, bottom line, you’ll be getting REAL hot traffic.

Our software can close your next traffic deal in a few minutes and have traffic within days or even hours.

Real warm (not cold!) traffic where people are EXCITED to visit your page, video or anything you promote!

Because if we’re being honest,

Other Traffic Sources Are Overcrowded, Over Competitive & Overhyped..

Don’t get me wrong, I use many of these sources all the time, in fact,
I LOVE SEO personally for a variety of other benefits.

But I too cannot deny that they are overcrowded, overhyped,
over competitive and not what they used to be.

For example,

SEO is time consuming and unreliable

FB ads & google ads are risky and very expensive

Blogging is slow and unrewarding

Solo ads are high risk for scam and very expensive

Social media is backwards, why spend 2 years building an audience to sell to, when you can just buy it outright?

And that’s just to name a few..

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

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Normal Price: $497

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The truth is..

This Traffic Comes From A TRUSTED & Highly Engaging Source, BETTER Than Paid Traffic & Cold Traffic.

Inlfuencer traffic is a fairly untapped traffic source with very little competition, that’s mainly because there is no easy way to just quickly find, contact and close a deal with an influencer, like upreachr does.

So when you get influencer traffic, you’re getting traffic that hasn’t been saturated by greedy marketers like many other traffic sources.

Influencer traffic has a highly engaging tribe mindset.

Plus, the traffic is always targeted.

And, you get an influx of traffic instantly.

AND, the traffic is guaranteed because influencers won’t risk their reputation scamming you.

Promote ANYTHING To This Traffic Buyer –
No Restrictions!

That’s right, unlike fb ads or other traffic source, where you have significant restrictions, in here, you can promote anything!

In fact, in our strategy, we teach you what are some better types of pages and websites to promote for maximum effectiveness, but you don’t HAVE to be perfect, This is buyer traffic that buys even through direct affiliate linking!

No Website? No problem, promote an affiliate offer.,br.

Got a youtube video you want to send this traffic to? NO problem, send them there!

Ecom store? Wonderful, ecom stores do great with influencer traffic.

Or if you’re more advanced and you have a funnel with a solid offer and a high ticket backend, wonderful, it’s just a matter of getting traffic from the right influencer (and our filters take care of that!)

The truth is, you can promote anything and everything for dirt cheap, and this is buyer traffic, they actually take action, and BUY your products.

Sounds Really Good, But What If I Don’t Have A Big Budget? Can I Still Get Enough Traffic?

As little as $20 can get you in front of tens of thousands of people.

Influencers are not as expensive as you think, especially the smaller ones or ones without much experience doing deals.

Our software specifically helps finds influencers of all ranges, so it matches your budget.

Scale as you earn and when you feel confident.

If at first you only have a small budget you can close 1 deal with a pretty small influencer, get thousands of eye balls, earn from it, and then you can invest more.

Or, if you have a nice testing budget, you can get loads of traffic very quickly!

And this isn’t based off theory,

We’ve been doing this for YEARS..

Here’s proof:

Do It Manually Or Wrong & You Will Probably Lose Money Or Get Ignored (Or Embarrassed!)

Here’s why:

First off all, our algorithm inside the software is very dynamic, while this isn’t an A.I software, the tech put into it is HUGE.

Manually you will need to actually shoot in the dark and find people to contact.

Manually you don’t have the filters our software has, so searching for influencers may take a week or more! There’s keyword research involved too, loads of it, yikes!

You won’t know who is most likely to accept, some may feel you are spammy, you will feel awkward for sure, and you will be ignored many times.

On top of that, you might approach an influencer WRONG, and as a result, you may miss a really good deal.

There is alot going on into finding, contacting and closing an influencer deal.

With UpReachr, Thinking, Learning Or
Risk Is OUT of The Equation.

That’s right! Our Software takes care of everything for you, worry about nothing,
just 3 steps and you can get traffic in any niche.

Spend $10 Get 300 Uber Targeted Clicks

Remember the good old days when you had $0.01 adwords clicks and $0.01 fb ads clicks?

How much money was being made?

Well influencer traffic is the same these days, since it’s barely tapped because it’s complicated, and since our software automates and takes care of all the heavy lifting for you, you can tap into all this goodness on any budget.

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

Get Instant Access to Upreachr App
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Normal Price: $497

Today Only $33.50

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Are You Ready To Crack Influencer Traffic Wide Open….For The First Time Ever?

Introducing: UpReachr

Influencer traffic made easy

Upreachr is a cloud based software which means there’s nothing to install,
you can just log into the software, and start getting traffic.

Getting traffic with Upreachr works in 3 steps:

Step #1 – Ready

Log into the app, select your preferred traffic source, or a combination of them

Step #2 – Set

Choose what you want to promote, an affiliate link, your page, a website, it could be anything. No restrictions.

Step #3 – Go

Start getting traffic within hours even, real buyer traffic you won’t ever get tired of. This traffic is also reliable, top secret and not saturated at all.

Here’s What Upreachr Can Do IN DETAILS:

Search from over 1,000,000 social media accounts from a powerful, ever updating database.

Search in TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr & Blogs

Advanced filters such as bio description, profile type, # of followers, engagement rate, geo locations, budget and more built in to let you get the best influencers for your budget, niche & engagement.

Create 30 Automation Campaigns Per Month (Get Traffic EVERY DAY!)

Choose from a variety of goals to promote, website traffic, promote product, service, event or app, upreachr will recommend the best influencers for you.

Full DEEP tracking with easy to understand analytics and smoothly integrate with facebook pixels and google analytics in 1 click.

See all your influencer responses in 1 dashboard section called DEALS, this helps you track new notifications and not get lost in the sea of messages!

Optional integration with your own email service provider (SMTP) so you can email influencers through your own server and look more professional, it’s your choice though, you can use ours as standard.

See Upreachr Getting REAL Traffic In Action:

Who Is Upreachr For

Simple! Anyone That Wants Traffic That Converts Into Sales.


– Affiliate marketers that want to drive targeted viewers to their offers for unfair profits.

– eCom vendors that need more “wallet-in-hand” buyers to visit their stores.

– List builders looking for an “edge” to pack their list full of engaged subscribers.

– Product sellers targeting audiences IDEAL for their offers.

– Complete beginners after a shortcut to sustainable online profits.

– Coaches and consultants that want to stand out from the crowd and ELIMINATE the competition

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are … What Level Of Experience You Have … Or what you’re selling.
Upreachr IS your traffic & conversions solution. It’s faster, cheaper and more effective than ANYTHING else on the market.

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

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Normal Price: $497

Today Only $33.50

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And Just If You’re Skeptical And Wondering If This Is For You
Here’s Why This New Traffic Method Works So Well

It’s DIRT Cheap

These Influencers with millions of followers have NO IDEA what they’re worth, they’re not like the big hollywood celebrities so no Adidas, KFC or Mercedes is approaching them for a deal.

More importantly, “Influencers” are not marketers like me and you – they’re usually teenagers and young adults (mostly around 15 – 35) that suddenly struck gold and grew a huge following based on a passion they have.

Sure, they bask in the glory of having millions of followers, but they have no idea they can MONETIZE them.

So when you reach out to them (Upreachr automates everything for you so you don’t have to lift a finger) and offer them Your Product Free + $20 to pay for a buy themselves a nice dinner for them to post about your product/brand, they instantly jump at it.

It’s Super Fast

There’s no waiting for approval, ad budgeting or for some ranking to trickle in, the traffic sent by these Influencers flood your site like Tsunami.

I’ve never been able to generate this massive amount of traffic to my sites so fast in my life before discovering and using Influencer marketing.

It Brings You Only Real Buyers

The Influencers have already cultivated the relationship and trust with their audience, so they trust whatever they endorse. And also because of that need of regular people to have that amazing Instagram life of their social media celebrity they’re following, they pretty buy whatever they see the influencer post that they use.

There’s No Stupid Bureaucracies and Ad Policies

Listen, I’ll be plain here, dealing with crazy policies and bureaucracies of the ad platforms (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.) can be a b*tch. They’re so many rules and even new ones coming out daily you can’t even keep up.

Creating a 100% safe, compliant ad is almost impossible these days and even though you try so hard and work so hard, most time you end up getting your account banned for almost no reason.

With Influencer marketing, you’ll never have to deal with any of that.

It’s Grossly Untapped

I’ve never seen something so profitable yet so wild open and untapped in my life, every single day, I see marketers like you and me struggling to get their ads approved, get ROI on their campaigns or get back their banned accounts, when there’s a massive traffic jackpot sitting out there and just wasting because nobody knows how to tap it until now..

And the technology to automate this influencer marketing never existed until today, If you were to do this all manually, you’d have to stay up for literally days and all night finding the right people who have big followers in your niche, then manually message them one-by-one, then trying to negotiate deals one-by-one.

Even though this is stressful and time consuming, marketers out there are still raking in millions from doing it.

But until now, this was limited to so-called “gurus” – Upreachr changes all of that
from the ground up and allows you to leave your competition in the DUST.

As I promised you earlier today, even if you’re just a beginner and know almost nothing about driving traffic and marketing online, you’ll be able to use Uprecahr starting today and rake in tons of sales.

My Friend, I Will Be Very Honest With You…

Uprecahr App is a very rare and dangerous weapon if you
want to totally massacre your competition mercilessly.

The Amount of Real Buyer Traffic It Blows at Your Server
at The Push of 1 Button is Just Unbelievable…

Check Out What Our Users Have To Say And
Their AMAZING Results:

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

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Get Reseller Rights To 4 JVZoo Top Selling Premium Software. (You can charge users a monthly recurring fee or a one-time fee and pocket 100% of the profits)

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FREE LeadProfiter Reseller License

Lead Profiter is brand new software that allow users to capture high converting leads without the need of any landing pages or optin forms, users can send eMails and also Follow-ups messages in 3 clicks, without the use of any third-party auto-responders software.

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FREE Unlimited Reseller License Of Outreachr

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FREE Reseller License Of VeedAds Worth

This Complete Traffic & Sales-Driving Videos Creator Complete Marketing System Is Here To Get Your Business Up And Running In No Time..

– Easiest Video Editor With Futuristic Splitting Technology
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– Sharp Video to GIF Converter
– World’s Strongest 1 Click Keyword Video Finder
– High Converting Intro & Outro With Music & Logos
– 1000s Of High Converting Templates In Any Niche
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FREE Reseller License Of SnapiShop

Snapishop is the World’s First and Only Smart Cloud-Based eCom Store Builder…

In just a few clicks, Snapishop builds fully optimised and monetised eCom stores with all the bells and whistles needed to bank big passive commissions:

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Let’s start by stating the fact that there is NOTHING like this out there.
There is NOTHING that allows you to generate influencer traffic with such easy on any budget.

Most of our competition is either lacking in closing, reaching or finding, or do each not good enough.

Our focus was on EASE and how quickly you can get traffic.

So everything else falls into place naturally.

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

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Normal Price: $497

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Try FB Ads, I Dare You, I DOUBLE DARE YOU. (How much will you spend, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 for the traffic you can get in a SINGLE DAY with this?)

How Much Would You Pay To Get Results Like Ours, Or Better? How Much Would you NEED to pay 5k visitors from FB ads? This can get you that in a DAY fast!

I use FB ads on a daily basis, just yesterday I finished a successful campaign that costs me $450 for 100 clicks.

These 100 clicks were gold to me, but I get alot more traffic for alot cheaper from social media influencers hands down.

So while FB ads is good…this is 1000x better especially for beginners and especially with our special technology.

Why Am I So Confident This Will Work For You?

Because It Works For Me, My Partners & My Users.

We’re All Making Money As We Speak, And I’m No Big Guru, I’m Just An Average Guy Who Figured Some Stuff Out.

Now that’s a bold promise right there.

But we are so confident that it works, and we are using it ourselves.

We don’t have ANYTHING to hide.

I Want You To Understand WHY You Need This And WHY It Can Change Your Life.

Upreachr Saves You HUNDREDS OF HOURS, REMOVES The Learning Curve & ELIMINATES ALL Risk.

Whatever you’re making in your job,
business or services currently, is

But your time ISN’T.

This SAVES Time on doing all of the tasks manually, plus you don’t need to learn how to do these tasks, where to find influencer, how to contact, what to write, what they charge, that is all heavy weight that we lift off of you.

Ready To Crack Influencer Traffic Wide Open?
Start here:

Pro Personal

  • World’s Smartest Traffic Software (100% Controlled) In One Time Price (Never Done before by Anyone)
  • Unlimited Traffic from Top Influencers In Any Niche
  • Find Influencers with millions of follower on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs
  • Find Influencers based on Keywords
  • Find Influencers using minimum, and maximum followers bracket
  • Find Influencers based on Niche
  • Find Influencers based on Country
  • Find Influencers having High Traffic Blogs based on Alexa Rank, Country Rank, and Load Time
  • Send Email to the Influencer instantly on their Email ID
  • Send personal message or mail to the Influencer instantly
  • Check all the saved Influencers in My Influencers Section
  • View Detailed Information of each Influencer to get an idea of profitability
  • Create, and manage Campaigns to send Traffic Anywhere
  • Set & Save Your Bulk Messages as Templates to re-use again
  • Set Contract with info like Traffic Destination URL, Your Budget for Influencer, Campaign Task, and Details
  • Send Professional Proposal Contracts to all the targeted Influencers
  • Campaigns Detailed Analytics to find winner campaigns
  • Set Tracking by entering your google analytics or Facebook pixel code.
  • Ultra-Fast 24*7 Dedicated Support
  • Regular Monthly Updates
  • Complete Step-by-Step Video training and tutorials Included
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software

Normal Price – $67/Month

Launch Special –
One Time

Upreachr Pro - Personal

Pro Commercial

  • World’s Smartest Traffic Software (100% Controlled) In One Time Price (Never Done before by Anyone)
  • Unlimited Traffic from Top Influencers In Any Niche
  • Find Influencers with millions of follower on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and High Traffic Blogs
  • Find Influencers based on Keywords
  • Find Influencers using minimum, and maximum followers bracket
  • Find Influencers based on Niche
  • Find Influencers based on Country
  • Find Influencers having High Traffic Blogs based on Alexa Rank, Country Rank, and Load Time
  • Send Email to the Influencer instantly on their Email ID
  • Send personal message or mail to the Influencer instantly
  • Check all the saved Influencers in My Influencers Section
  • View Detailed Information of each Influencer to get an idea of profitability
  • Create, and manage Campaigns to send Traffic Anywhere
  • Set & Save Your Bulk Messages as Templates to re-use again
  • Set Contract with info like Traffic Destination URL, Your Budget for Influencer, Campaign Task, and Details
  • Send Professional Proposal Contracts to all the targeted Influencers
  • Campaigns Detailed Analytics to find winner campaigns
  • Set Tracking by entering your google analytics or Facebook pixel code.
  • Ultra-Fast 24*7 Dedicated Support
  • Regular Monthly Updates
  • Complete Step-by-Step Video training and tutorials Included
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software
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  • World’s Smartest “Traffic” Software

Normal Price – $497/Month

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Upreachr PRO - Commercial

Why Such A LOW Price?

I was where you are right now at some point or another and without someone reaching a helping hand out to me; I would never have been able to achieve such success.

Therefore, I am going to make this software very accessible, so that you can get your hands on it.

Let’s be honest, everyone is selling these “affordable” courses and Softwares are what’s “HOT” now.

Yes, we can charge more, and yes we should charge more because this method is UNLIKE any other method out there.

But we won’t.

Because the more people we will get to buy this during launch time, the more customers we will have to do business with in the future.

But we will make small increases, and then we will increase it like CRAZY when the launch will be over. MARK MY WORDS, it WILL increase.

“This Is The ONLY Chance To Get It At THIS PRICE –

In fact, if you act fast today, you can get instant access to Upreachr at a grand opening price of just:

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Pick up Upreachr now and try it out for the next 30 days completely risk free. We’re so confident you’ll see incredible results in terms of more traffic, leads and sales that we’ll personally cover your investment.

If at any time you have a question, our friendly support team is here to help. But in the highly unlikely event you find Upreachr doesn’t meet every claim on this page, just let us know and we’ll gladly refund your small investment.

It doesn’t get more fair than that!

So hit the button below and start getting all the traffic, leads and sales you deserve … in 3 clicks … with this next-generation technology.

HURRY! The Price Goes UP Again In:

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

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I Know It’s Scary To Invest,
But You Only Have 2 Choices:

Hey, I’ve Been Burnt By Products & Promises Before Too. Heck, I STILL Do Sometimes.

But If There’s One Thing I Learned, Is That It Takes Multiple Failures To Get Up And Achieve MASSIVE Success.

And this product, may just be what will lift you up and create MASSIVE success for you.

You only have 2 choices, say no, leave the page, and get no influencer traffic.

Sure, no risk taken as well.

Or, you can say yes, take the leap of faith, jump in, and trust me, you won’t regret it!

Don’t delay, you KNOW it can change your life.

Take care and best of luck,

WARNING: Without targeted buyer traffic
your chances of making money online is ZERO.

No Monthly Fees – One Time Investment

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Keto Breads & Keto Desserts: Top Converting Health Offers!

Great News! You Do NOT Have to Give Up Your Favorite Bread, Sandwiches & Pizza to Follow a 100% Paleo or Ketogenic Diet…

Traditional Bread is the #1 Health Danger In Your Diet and Contains a Hidden Compound that Makes it Nearly IMPOSSIBLE to Burn Fat & Lose Weight!

That’s why I Invested 10 YEARS of My Life to Create the World’s Healthiest Bread…

TODAY: I Reveal the Secret – So You Can Enjoy Delicious REAL Bread without Worrying about Your Health, Your Blood Sugar… or Your Waistline!

Dear Reader,

There are few foods more comforting and enjoyable than bread…

Whether it is a warm piece of focaccia dipped in olive oil… a sandwich on a chewy baguette… a flaky croissant… or even the simplest slice of toast with butter

Just thinking about these foods makes your mouth water!

And the blissful “intoxication” you experience when you eat bread is real.

In fact, you might say bread is the original food addiction.

Traditional bread produces compounds called gluteomorphins. And as their name implies, these compounds engage opioid receptors in your brain – the same receptors triggered by drugs like morphine and heroin.

Very similar compounds, called casomorphins, are found in cheese.

That would certainly explain the euphoric rush of pleasure you feel, when biting into a crusty slice of pizza with bubbly, melted cheese!

And just to make sure you keep coming back for more – the blood-sugar spike you get from high-carb bread elevates dopamine – the “craving neurochemical” from which the word “dope” originates.

So it is no stretch of logic to say that…

Bread is a Drug that Causes a Repetitive Cycle of Cravings – for More Bread!

Our love affair with comforting (and addictive) bread is as old as recorded history…

The Bible practically commands followers to eat it: Give us this day our daily bread…

It was so revered in ancient Greece, the rest of the meal was called ópson – meaning “condiment” or bread’s accompaniment.

However, that fuzzy glow you feel when you bite into a slice of warm bread is short lived.

And, unfortunately…

Those Few Moments of Toasty-Buttered Bliss Carry a Heavy Price

Well-known cardiologist, Dr. William Davis, calls wheat “the perfect chronic poison.”

And for a poison, we sure eat lots of it. The average American consumes 55 pounds of wheat flour every year – making refined flour the number-one source of calories in the American Diet!

Functional nutrition expert, Chris Kresser, describes this as “a public health catastrophe.”

And it’s one you have likely experienced firsthand…

Eating traditional bread can elicit a range of symptoms. It might make you feel sluggish and foggy headed. Or cause you to gain unsightly fat on your belly, butt and thighs… while packing deadly visceral fat around your internal organs.

And part of the reason is because of the…

Little-Known Compound that Makes the Glycemic Index of Wheat among the Highest of ALL Foods

You know how important it is to keep your blood sugar stable…

Rapid blood-sugar and insulin spikes promote a cascade of inflammation and oxidation.

Triggering these forces over and over again dramatically increases your risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, macular degeneration, physical aging (wrinkles) and more!

And did you know that wheat – including so-called “healthy” whole wheat – spikes your blood sugar more than almost any other food… even when the same number of carbs is consumed?

That’s because 75% of the carbohydrates in wheat are in the form amylopectin A.

This compound is unique because of how rapidly it is transformed to glucose.

According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating just two slices of whole wheat bread spikes your blood sugar more than drinking a can of soda, eating a candy bar or helping yourself to six teaspoons of table sugar!1

And if the threat of diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome is not enough… the damage traditional bread can do to your gut should make you think long and hard before you butter your next biscuit!

Unfortunately, however, there is a BIG misconception about bread and your gut.

And it has cost millions of people their health and enjoyment in life…

Don’t Be Fooled by this Common (and Deadly) Myth about Bread… What You Don’t Notice CAN Hurt You!

You’re probably familiar with Celiac Disease. It is the most serious – and often life-threatening – sensitivity to grains that contain gluten.

Many who suffer this condition cannot consume even the slightest speck of wheat without severe digestive pain… and other embarrassing symptoms.

Other illnesses, like Crohn’s and inflammatory bowel disease also result in debilitating cramping, bloating and other digestive distress when wheat is consumed.

This leads many people to believe that as long as you can eat bread without belly problems – then you must be in the clear… no harm done!

Do not be fooled by this dangerous myth!

Truth is nearly 50% of newly-diagnosed celiac patients have no digestive symptoms!2

In other words, half of the people who are EXTREMELY sensitive to wheat can still consume it without the typical “stomach problems”.

The bottom line is…

Even if You Can Eat a Three-Foot Submarine Sandwich Without the Slightest Gurgle in Your Tummy… Does NOT Mean it is Not Hurting You!

Even if you feel “just fine” after eating bread, every bite is causing silent damage to your gut – and quietly setting you up for serious disease!

Dr. Alessio Fasano is a professor of medicine and distinguished researcher, with more than 240 peer-reviewed papers to his credit.

His research – in addition to dozens of other scientists around the world – shows that wheat causes chronic gut inflammation. Compounds within it can also do direct damage to every tissue in your body.

And you don’t need certain genetics for the damage to occur…

It happens to EVERYONE who consumes it!

Of course, the inflammatory protein we call “gluten” is partly to blame.

In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine lists 55 conditions, which can be caused by gluten – ranging from those as “benign” as canker sores to diseases as serious as cancer!3

But gluten is only a FRACTION of the story, because…

Traditional Bread also Contains the #1 Greatest Danger in the American Diet

A study published in Plant Physiology, shows that modern wheat is capable of producing at least 23,788 unique proteins – and any ONE of these can trigger an inflammatory response.4

This is why some people react severely to wheat – but have NO reaction to gluten (even in high doses).

The most dangerous proteins in wheat are known as lectins – the primary compounds plants use to protect themselves from insects, bacteria… and YOU!5

Lectins are actually designed to poison you. In fact, the poison known as ricin – deadly in amounts as small as half a grain of sand – is a lectin.

Of course, most lectins won’t kill you overnight… but they can make you VERY sick over time!

Among the most dangerous is wheat germ agglutinin (WGA).

Studies show that WGA is:

  • Cardiotoxic – Toxic to the heart and blood vessels 67
  • Immunotoxic – Toxic to the immune system 8910
  • Cytotoxic – Induces programmed cell death 11
  • Neurotoxic – Toxic to nerves and brain tissue 121314

It can exert these effects in minute concentrations – and just one kernel of wheat contains 16.7 trillion molecules of this toxic compound!15

Just imagine the dose you get, when you eat bread at nearly every meal. And don’t forget… the highest concentrations are found in supposedly “healthy” whole and sprouted grains!

And if that’s not enough, WGA is also the reason…

Why It’s Nearly IMPOSSIBLE to Burn Fat and Lose Weight When You’re Eating Bread!

You’ve probably heard of insulin as “the fat storage hormone.”

When insulin and glucose levels are high

  1. Fat storage increases and
  2. Fat burning stops

That’s why high-glycemic traditional bread is so effective at making you FAT!

But it gets even WORSE, because…

Studies show that wheat germ agglutinin is a “dead ringer” for insulin.16

In fact, a report in The American Journal of Physiology proves that WGA bonds directly to insulin receptors – which increases fat storage and blocks your ability to burn stored fat!17

And that’s not the only way this killer compound in bread disrupts your hormonal function…

WGA also blocks the hormone leptin.

Leptin is extremely important when it comes to your appetite and weight. It is the molecule that tells your brain when it’s time to eat… and when you’ve had enough.

Can You Imagine What Happens to Your Body When Your “Stop Eating Signal” Is Broken?

Well, you don’t have to imagine, because…

So, not only is WGA toxic to nearly every cell in your body, it can also make you FAT and prevent you from shedding those extra pounds!

Kind of makes you think twice about traditional bread, doesn’t it?

Well don’t worry, because you’re about to discover

How you can actually have your breadAND be well too!

But first, it’s important you understand what lectins do to your GUT…

Because this is what has caused nearly 50 million Americans – and millions more around the world – to become cripplingly sick!

Lectins are often described as “sticky” molecules. They use this property to bind to cell membranes… especially the cells that line your intestines.

This can interfere with digestion. But it also causes chronic inflammation and…

The Long-Term Consequences of Chronic Gut Inflammation are Severe!

The lining of your gut is extremely sensitive…

So sensitive that it’s slightly damaged every time you eat (even when you choose the healthiest foods). Normally, the damage is repaired quickly and the lining of your gut is regenerated with new cells.

But lectins slow vital regeneration to a crawl…

By attaching to the wall of your intestines, they prevent the cells from regenerating fast enough to keep the lining of your gut intact.

But they don’t just slow repair, because…

Lectins are designed to attack your gut!

Sticky lectins wedge into your gut wall and pry apart the “tight junctions” between cells.

This fans the flames of inflammation (even if you don’t notice any discomfort). So not only do lectins start a fire in your belly… they also prevent repair and regeneration.

They are like an arsonist who sets fire to a building… and then blocks the road so the fire department can’t arrive to put out the blaze!

And let me tell you…

Why that Blaze in Your Belly Stoked by Bread is so Dangerous…

When your gut is healthy, beneficial nutrients easily pass through…

While bacteria, viruses, yeast, allergenic proteins and bits of undigested food are blocked from entering your bloodstream.

But when your critical gut barrier is inflamed – and the “tight junctions” are pried apart – harmful substances seep from your digestive system into your blood.

And once these compounds are in your blood, they can wreak havoc on every aspect of your health!

This Dangerous Condition is Called “Leaky Gut” And the #1 Dietary Cause… is WHEAT!

The most confusing part about leaky gut is that many symptoms of this serious digestive condition have NOTHING to do with abdominal discomfort or “problems in your belly”…

Considering all of these (seemingly) unrelated symptoms – and there can be MANY more – it’s easy to see why so many who suffer go undiagnosed.

And the Longer the Damage Goes on… The Worse it Will Be Down the Road

Unwanted substances leaking from your digestive tract into your blood promotes constant inflammation – the cornerstone of disease.

But what it does to your immune system might be worse!

As pathogens, proteins and undigested food particles seep into your blood, your immune system mounts an attack against these “foreign” invaders.

This dramatically increases the number and severity of food allergies, intolerances and seasonal allergies you may experience. And it’s the root cause of the modern allergy epidemic.

Your immune system isn’t designed to engage in a never-ending war. Constant hyper-vigilance takes a toll. As your over-taxed system grows weaker, you become more susceptible to illness and infection.

But a weaker immune system might be the least of your problems …

Autoimmune Disease: What Happens When Your Own Body Turns Against You?

Your immune system has incredible power to destroy tissue and cells. This is how it protects you. But you want this defensive weapon pointed at the enemy…

You do NOT want the gun pointed back at YOU!

And that’s exactly what happens when your immune system is “triggered” by every bite of food you take. Constantly over-stimulated, it loses ability to recognize “self” from “non-self”.

Instead of destroying foreign invaders, it wages war on healthy tissues and organs. Your own body begins to attack your colon… your thyroid… your joints… your nervous system… and even your brain!

There are more than 100 different autoimmune conditions and the number of people affected RIGHT NOW is staggering!

According to the American Autoimmune Association, 50 million Americans suffer at least one these conditions. That’s nearly one out of five people in the US (plus 100s of millions more worldwide)!

Autoimmune disease is among the top 10 causes of death in women under 65. And it can be incredibly debilitating before it kills you. Telltale symptoms include:

  • Crushing fatigue and weakness
  • Chronic joint, muscle and bone pain
  • Headaches, brain fog and poor concentration
  • Insomnia, mood swings, anxiety and depression
  • Digestive problems… skin problems… sinus infections

This is truly an epidemic!

But it’s not all bad news today… I have GREAT news too!

In many cases, leaky gut, autoimmune illness and a host of diet-related conditions can be reversed. And they can always be prevented, because…

The cause (and the cure) begins with the food on your plate!

However, if you think that means replacing traditional bread with commercial gluten-free varieties (or many of the recipes you see online) please reconsider, because…

Most “Gluten-Free” Bread May be WORSE For Your Health than the Real Thing!

Most gluten-free bread (as well as cereals, crackers, cookies and other snacks) use ingredients that are not much better – or even worse – than those made with wheat!

Like other processed foods, they usually contain chemical preservatives, soy protein, dough conditioners, inflammatory seed oils, corn and rice syrup… and often, GMOs.

And in most cases, they also contain LECTINS!

If your gluten free bread contains flour made from rice, corn, beans, buckwheat, barley, rye, teff or quinoa – then it is LOADED with gut-punching lectins you need to avoid!

Some are even more dangerous than the lectins in wheat. That means your favorite gluten-free bread could cause the same health problems as traditional bread.

And that’s not all, because…

Most Gluten-Free Products Will Send Your Blood Sugar Soaring!

In place of wheat, most gluten-free products and recipes use flours and starches with glycemic values that are off the charts!

Many of these ingredients increase your blood sugar faster and higher than wheat itself!

Here’s what Dr. William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, has to say about it …

“These powdered starches are among the few foods that increase blood sugar higher than whole wheat. These foods trigger weight gain in the abdomen, increased blood sugars, insulin resistance, diabetes, cataracts, and arthritis. They are NOT healthy replacements for wheat.”

It’s no surprise why most people actually GAIN weight on a “gluten-free” diet!

In fact, a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology showed that 81% of people who adopted a gluten-free diet weighed more at the end of two years!18

But that’s not the only reason to avoid these foods.

You should also know that…

Some Gluten-Free Products Contain 90 Times More Arsenic than the EPA Allows for Drinking Water!

Chronic arsenic exposure can lead to headaches, fatigue, brain fog and digestive issues… not to mention, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

And it can happen at VERY LOW levels!

Arsenic is a dangerous poison. And that’s why you should “Just Say No” to rice flour and rice syrup – which are COMMON ingredients on the gluten-free aisle!

Rice plants use silica to strengthen their stalks. But arsenic “looks” like silica to the plant, so it is readily pulled from the soil. And it can be a major problem – even in organic varieties!

Consumer Reports conducted a study of the issue, testing over 200 samples from 65 different products that contain rice. They found arsenic in EVERY product tested.1920

In fact, some popular gluten-free products contained up to 90 TIMES more arsenic than is allowed in drinking water!

Keep this in mind, the next time you’re walking down the gluten-free aisle.

But just because traditional bread and most “gluten-free” varieties are off the menu…

That does NOT mean you can never enjoy bread again, because…

You’re about to Discover How You Can Have Your Bread… AND Be Well Too!TM

If all this bread bashing has caused you to swear off buns, biscuits and baguettes forever, I understand.

After all, nothing is more important than your health!

But it’d be a shame if you had to miss out on these simple (and delicious) pleasures forever.

The GREAT NEWS is you don’t have to!

You don’t have to give up your enjoyment of fresh-baked bread.

You don’t have to forego the pleasure of a hot stack of French toast… a cheeseburger on a REAL bun… or a crusty piece of garlic bread to go with Bolognese and meatballs.

And say goodbye to the temptation to “cheat” on your healthy diet, because…

Enjoying these foods can actually HELP you stick to your healthy way of eating!

Even if You Follow the Ketogenic or Paleo Diet You Can Still Enjoy ALL Your Favorite Breads!

The Ketogenic and Paleo Diets are wildly popular for good reason…

Because they work!

Millions of people have experienced radically improved health and faster fat loss by eating in a way that’s grain-free, low in carbohydrates… and aligned with our ancestral genetic blueprint!

Personally, I feel and look my best when I follow a Paleo-Ketogenic way of eating.

I avoid foods our ancient ancestors didn’t routinely consume – like grains. And I aim for a macronutrient ratio rich in healthy fats, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates.

This way of eating can reprogram your metabolism – from a sugar burner to a FAT BURNER!

This is what makes keto so powerful for weight loss!

It can also provide MAJOR health benefits – including protection against cancer, heart disease and diabetes. It improves hormonal balance and nearly every aspect of brain health. 21222324

And apparently our readers agree…

Over the years, I’ve published dozens of articles and hundreds of recipes for the ketogenic diet. And every time, we receive unsolicited comments and emails from people who RAVE about the benefits!

Here are just a few examples…

“I’ve been on the Ketogenic diet for about five months. I’ve lost about 35 pounds. I have a LOT more energy and almost all my sugar cravings are gone!”

William R. March 1, 2015

“I love keto! I have tried so many things and never lost weight. This is the first time! I feel so good and the weight is falling off. My diabetes is more controlled, with less insulin. I look and feel better and would recommend this way of eating to anyone!”

Deanna B. May 25, 2017

“I’ve been keto for three months and love it! I have lost weight, feel great and have NO food cravings! In fact, I went from my usual state of nearly constant hunger to having to remind myself to eat so I don’t get too skinny!”

Melissa S. July 8, 2018

But let’s get back to the subject of bread…

Because you’re probably wondering – Where does bread fit in a very low-carb, grain free diet?

The great news is that…

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Your “Daily Bread” and Being Healthy… You Just Have to Choose HEALTHY BREAD!

What if you could enjoy REAL bread again – without worrying about your health or your weight?

What if you could sink your teeth into a sandwich thick enough to make Dagwood proud… a chewy bagel…. or a crusty piece of fresh-baked focaccia…

And what if these delicious real-food breads are grain free, rich in healthy fats and VERY low in carbs?

With bread like that you won’t feel the need to “cheat” on your healthy diet…

In fact, being able to enjoy HEALTHY BREAD will help you stick to your best intentions!

And I am NOT talking about second-rate imitations that don’t measure up to the real thing.

I mean divinely delicious bread – so good it could be served in a restaurant.

I’m talking about some of…

The Best Breads You’ve Ever Tasted… With the Same Taste & Fresh-Baked Aroma You Know and Love!

You are about to discover just how delicious and truly healthy bread can be…

So, say goodbye to bland and boring imitations!

And just imagine buttering up a few of these beauties…

In a moment, I’ll show you how easy (and inexpensive) it is to put these breads on your table.

But first, it’s important you understand…

How these Healthy Keto-Friendly Breads Were Created (And Why they are so Special)!

My name is Kelley Herring.

My educational background is nutritional biochemistry. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the library – and the laboratory. But my true passion is for the culinary arts…

And it is the kitchen laboratory where my heart’s truly at home… cooking, baking and creating recipes.

Nearly 20 years ago, I founded a company, called Healing Gourmet®

Since then, we’ve become the world’s leading provider of healing recipes and meal plans – combined with science-based education on the power of foods to promote health and protect against disease.

I’ve also written more than a dozen books, cookbooks and programs, touting the life-saving benefits of a natural, low-sugar, grain-free, anti-inflammatory diet.

I Didn’t Start Out to Become a Nutrition Expert It All Began When I Became Very Sick…

At the age of 18 – in the midst of an intense pre-medical curriculum – my health took a sudden turn for the worse. My youthful energy gave way to extreme fatigue. I suffered never-ending sinus infections… constant digestive distress… and a trail of sores in my throat that did not heal for months.

After nearly two years of suffering – and no help from dozen doctors – I began to lose hope.

I wasn’t sure if my illness would ever end… or if it would be the end of me.

With few options left, I decided to follow a VERY strict “elimination” diet.

I should point out this was NOT the recommendation of a doctor. In fact, after seeing more than a dozen doctors – they didn’t ask a single question about my diet!

It was a friend who recommended the changes I made to my diet. And while I didn’t really expect it to work, I didn’t know what else to do…

To my surprise, my throat began to heal within days. My digestion normalized. I soon regained my energy. And before long, I charted a course back to health.

Later, I learned I had developed leaky gut – probably the result of inflammatory grains. This led to multiple food allergies and intolerances. And it progressed to an autoimmune condition, hence the unrelenting sores in my throat and bone-crushing fatigue.

In other words…

I Suffered from the Exact Symptoms and Conditions I’ve Described in this Letter

I was thrilled to regain my health and for the misery to finally be over.

I NEVER wanted to compromise my body again.

But I also began to miss the simple pleasures of the comfort foods I used to enjoy.

I wanted to enjoy those delicious foods again – especially bread – without worrying about my health or my waistline!

I had very personal reasons to solve this dietary dilemma!

But I knew I was not alone – and that millions of people would also like to enjoy HEALTHY, grain-free versions of their favorite buns, biscuits, crusts, rolls, flatbreads and more…

I Made it My Mission to Create Nourishing & Healthy Bread Recipes That Taste JUST Like the Real Thing!

I set out to discover how to use “intelligent ingredients” to achieve all the attributes you love about bread… without the gluten, grains and carbs.

My goal was to create REAL bread with good-for-you ingredients… that was easy to make and tasted so delicious it could be served in a fine restaurant.

But I had no idea how hard it would be…

What I thought might take a few months – took years!

When I began, most people had not even heard the term “gluten free.”

There were very few grain-free bread recipes online (and produced awful results, to be honest). There were no products in the store to model and no guidebooks to follow.

To Succeed I Had to Literally Reinvent the Rules of Baking

You see, baking is the science of chemistry.

And baking with grain-free, low-glycemic ingredients is an EXACT science.

Sometimes just one extra teaspoon of ONE ingredient can turn something delicious… into a disaster.

You cannot simply replace wheat flour with almond or coconut flour and expect a recipe to “magically” achieve the characteristics of bread.

And don’t forget – many of the properties we love most about bread are because of gluten!

Gluten helps create that crusty-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside texture. It provides stability and structure and helps bread to rise. It is what makes pizza dough crusty, chewy and stretchy.

It wasn’t easy to achieve all the attributes of grain-based based breads… without the grain.

I had to discover how to use new ingredients – testing hundreds of combinations over and over again – while documenting every experiment.

But after all those years of trial and error…

I Finally “Cracked the Code” to Create Good-for-You Breads as Delicious as the Classic Originals!

In 2014, Healing Gourmet published our recipes in a book called, Better Breads.

We knew a “few” people wanted to enjoy healthy bread, but we had no idea the response it would generate. It was an instant success, as more than 100,000 people discovered you really can have your bread… AND be well too.TM

People from around the world wrote to tell me how happy they were enjoying bread again – without worrying about the gluten, grains, carbs, inflammatory oils and other unhealthy ingredients.

Some of these people had not eaten bread – or anything like it – for years. The ingredients in traditional bread were simply too damaging to their health.

We heard stories of people crying tears of joy, being able to bite into a real sandwich again. Others were simply grateful they could enjoy bread – without cheating on their healthy diet!

We were thankful for the praise, but we knew the recipes could be even better…

We Also Knew Our Healthy Breads would be PERFECT for the Ketogenic Diet!

So, we selected the best of the best and I went back into the test kitchen.

I continued tweaking and testing…

Making preparation methods simpler… improving the mix of ingredients… adding new recipes to the collection – and making sure each one was aligned with the “Magic Macros” of the keto diet.

Every recipe was carefully tested, until we achieved the perfect texture, crumb and ease of preparation.

And I refused to settle for anything less than extraordinary taste…

We continued improving until every recipe was perfect – and perfectly keto friendly!

Today, I’m proud to introduce the results of those efforts and announce Healing Gourmet’s latest and greatest grain-free recipes book…

Your Guide to Baking Grain-Free, Low-Carb Bread Including 35+ Keto-Friendly Bread Recipes With 5g Net Carbs or Less!

The recipes in this book represent more than a decade of dedicated efforts in our test kitchen.

Each one uses functional ingredients that actually protect – not wreck – your health.

These breads are truly metabolic power foods at can help you sculpt a lean physique, instead of puffing up your muffin top!

And yet they are so authentically delicious, you’ll never miss the grain and carb-filled bread you used to eat. I’m talking about REAL BREAD… as good as any you’ve ever tasted!

I’ve been baking and creating grain-free, low-carb breads for a long time – and I assure you, there is NOTHING else like this. These truly healthy creations taste JUST LIKE the real thing!

Feast your eyes on these delicious creations…

And here’s even more to love…

Keto Breads™ was Created with Your Satisfaction & Valuable Time in Mind

Few things in the kitchen are worse than spending your time and money to make a recipe that flops.

I don’t want that to happen to you!

That’s why you can count on…

  • Fail-Proof Formulas – Many recipes for low-carb breads just don’t work (or the results are not worth eating). We made the instructions extremely clear and provide to-the-gram measurements – so even the most novice bakers can expect outstanding results!
  • Taste Tested to Perfection – We tasted every recipe over and over until it was perfect. So not only can you bake with confidence that your results will come out just like the pictures… you can also be sure that you and your family will love every one of these delicious creations!
  • Super-Easy Prep – Most recipes in Keto Breads™ can be made in just 15 minutes hands-on time, with little more than a mixing bowl and spoon. Then just pop the dough in the oven… and wait for the aroma of REAL bread to fill your home!
  • Allergy Substitutions – If you have allergies and food intolerances, it can be difficult to find baking recipes your body agrees with. We understand this dilemma. That’s why we also include a section on healthy substitutions for eggs, nuts and dairy.
  • Full Nutrition Info – It can be difficult to track your nutrition on the ketogenic diet. We make it easy with complete nutrition information, macronutrient ratios and net carbs per serving. So you can enjoy crusty, buttery bread… AND stay in the keto zone!

When you can bake real bread just as good as the original – and when it only takes 15 minutes active time to make – you will sashay past your favorite bakery without a second thought!

The recipes in this book are the BEST I’ve ever created, but…

This is More than a Book: It’s a Complete Baking Program

I wanted to provide you with more than just recipes, so I also wrote a complete introduction

Inside, you will find every grain-free baking secret I’ve learned over the years, including fail-proof tips to ensure your breads rise to their fullest potential.

That way you not only understand how to achieve the best results every time, but you also understand WHY these recipes work so well… and how to customize to your own tastes and preferences.

Do you prefer a “hard roll” crust… or would you like a chewy crust with a shiny sheen? Either way, we’ll show you how to make these breads your own.

Check out a few more of the luxurious loaves that take just minutes to prepare…

We also cover the ingredients and tools you need to stock your pantry and kitchen (and don’t worry, you probably have most of them in your kitchen already).

I also provide simple tips for storing and freezing your bread… so you can bake once and enjoy for weeks to come!

And the best part is…

You Don’t Need to be an Experienced Baker to Achieve Superior Results.

It wasn’t easy to develop these recipes.

But all those years of time and effort have made it VERY easy for you!

We worked hard to simplify each recipe. There are no complicated techniques or drawn out preparation methods. Most of these recipes can be made in just 15-20 minutes of hands-on time!

If you can mix a few ingredients in a bowl… shape the dough into a ball or drop it in a pan… and then slide it into the oven – you can make Keto Breads!

It’s that easy!

But don’t take it from me…

Over the years, we have received hundreds of emails, calls and website comments praising the recipes I have created for just how easy they are to make… how they make people feel… and just how great they taste!

So, please take a moment and check out…

What Our Customers Have to Say!

“I never made bread in my life until I got your book. I’ve made your Classic Sandwich Bread three times with no problems. I can’t wait to try some of the others. You have provided great information!”

Jerry N. February 8, 2018

“Searching for no-grain breads to help manage my blood sugar, I found your recipes. As a recently-widowed senior and non-baker, I was pleasantly surprised to produce six loaves with no trouble. I look forward to baking and enjoying my next batch.”

Steve S May 6, 2018

“I made your Better Bagels this morning. These babies are to die for! I sprinkled a little garlic powder on top with the poppy seeds and onion flakes. These are my new favorite thing!”

Becca May 31, 2017

“I have been allergic to milk, corn and wheat for years. There was no bread I could eat without swelling my abdomen! And yet everyone I know was eating bread, bread, bread!

“I actually asked my Heavenly Father to give me some bread, so I too could enjoy a sandwich! Not long after, I discovered your website and the breads you’ve created! Could this be true?

“After I baked my first, I sat and cried. NOW I HAD BREAD FOR A SANDWICH THAT WOULD NOT MAKE ME SICK! The second blessing was that this BREAD DID NOT RAISE MY BLOOD SUGAR! It just doesn’t get much better!

“Thank you for caring enough to perfect these recipes for folks like me who have REAL NEEDS!! I am one happy camper!!”

Brenda B. April 18, 2014

“I just baked your Focaccia last night. I’m in awe how good it is! Fluffy, flavorful, healthful grain-free bread – just amazing! All your recipes have been as good as promised. I am forever grateful. You’ve made eating grain free easy!”

Mary K. May 5, 2018

“Your Keto Dinner Rolls are a MUST TRY in my book! I adore ALL of your recipes actually! I am so thrilled.”

Gigi E. April 20, 2015

“I baked your Real Deal Keto Bread today and the flavor is way beyond what I expected! I baked six buns. Thank you for your research to come up with these great recipes. Aloha!”

Ellie S. December 8, 2017

“I have been baking gluten-free for several years and your recipes are THE BEST gluten-free or grain-free breads I have EVER tried (and I have tried quite a few). I think you are amazing!

“I have Celiac disease and fibromyalgia and am finding that the only way to manage my symptoms—and maybe someday heal them—is a grain-free diet. I appreciate your recipes!”

Chara A. March 12, 2017

“Before I found your site I was making Gluten-free bread. To my dismay, my blood sugar skyrocketed, my bowels were in agony and my blood pressure was off the charts. The biggest shock was learning that many gluten-free recipes are worse than regular bread!!

“I perused over 50 cookbooks at the library on gluten-free and they are parroting one another, no scientific basis for their health giving properties. Of course, the upside of all this was finding you!”

LuSinda D. June 6, 2018

“Keto works for me! I LOVE carbs and sugar, but they make me feel rough in all kinds of ways! When I eat keto I miss certain breads, muffins and cookies. Today, I made your Keto Dinner Rolls. I was skeptical, having tried “Bulletproof bread” which is quite horrible!

“These rolls are absolutely perfect! I love them! I am taking some to a friend and will make more tomorrow. Thanks so much for your recipes!”

Jo S. September 4, 2017

“I am 73 and have suffered arthritis for 28 years. I’ve had increased swelling and inflammation recently and decided something must be done. After reading your books, my son and I emptied the cupboards of everything containing wheat and grains.

“After several weeks the pains became bearable and the inflammation receded. Then my son gave me one bread roll (to use them up) and I was right back where I started! Proof that it is in the bread!

“I am now adamant that I would rather go without than touch that stuff again! We love baking your healthy breads, which taste so much better.”

Brenda D. May 30, 2017

Indulging in Your Favorite Golden, Buttery, Crusty Bread Can Actually Support Your Success on Keto

The great news is that by choosing Keto Breads you can now enjoy all the delicious bread you want – without the harmful effects of grain.

The most common reason why people fail to achieve success on the ketogenic diet – or any healthy diet for that matter – is that they are tempted by their favorite comfort foods.

They stick with it for a while…

And then they see a juicy cheeseburger on a soft warm bun… or the waiter brings a basket of buttery rolls to the table… and they cannot control the temptation to have just one bite.

And then another… and another… and another…

It’s HARD to say no to bread… your brain is wired to enjoy it!

But now you can enjoy ALL your favorite breads… 100% guilt free!

These breads can actually help you stay in ketosis – the metabolic state where your body burns fat around the clock!

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“Your Better Banana Bread is the best!! Granted, I have only tried two recipes. But I’ve made that banana bread 20 times. My partner and I can eat a whole loaf in a day and feel fabulous – no sugar overload or heavy guts!! Even better, the scales have not changed even when two loaves are consumed in a weekend between the two of us!”

Sally H. October 10, 2018

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Linda M. July 27, 2016

“I so appreciate you Kelley! I can’t even begin to tell you how much! About three years ago, my whole system started to really mess up. There are very few foods I can eat without problems.

“The first time I baked and then bit into your grain-free pita bread recipe, I cried!! It tasted so good and it had been so long since I’d had any type of bread! I make them every week now. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Deena B. August 15, 2018

“I’ve been looking for a recipe like this, and I had all the ingredients on hand so I decided to give these a try. They turned out perfect! So fluffy and moist, yet crispy on the outside, I forgot they were keto for a moment. Best recipe I´ve found so far. I will definitely make these again. Thank you!”

Ida B. November 9, 2018

“I recently purchased your breads recipe book. This was a mistake on my part. I’m from Australia trying to live a healthy life, but your bloody breads are so damn delicious I seriously can’t make them anymore because I just eat the lot! That banana bread should be banned!

“Despite my overindulgence, I’ve lost 1.3 kg and I’m fairly lean for a 50 year old. Congratulations lady, no one could possibly be disappointed in your recipes. A refreshing change to the crap that’s out there. Well done!”

Anne S. January 7, 2018

“You should get a “Nobel Prize” for your work in creating your Bun Dough Recipe! We have tried every second rate recipe for bread out there… and they are pathetic (not to mention the unhealthy ones, with all the junk replacement ingredients).

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Mark & Mardy June 6, 2017

“I love your breads! I am on a restricted diet: no gluten, no grains (including rice) and no dairy. The only gluten free breads I’ve been able to find are made with rice flour, potato starch and have lots of carbs. I could never find bread that I could eat and enjoy. Your recipes are a life saver! And so good! Thank you!”

Marcia F. September 3, 2017


Best Way to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing | Step-by-Step Guide

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Instead of creating your product, dealing with your customers, you can sell other people’s products and services and make money. But how do you get started? How can you start seeing results fast? Hi everyone, I’m Aman Kaushal and today I’m going to share with you the easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing.

Before we get started, make sure you follow this blog.

Step 1
Define your traffic source, what are you good at, in other words? Are you good at SEO? Are you good at paid ads? Are you better at JVs, which is joint ventures if you’re not familiar with, in other words, that’s another form of partnership? What version of marketing are you good at? Because based on that, that’s going to vary how you do affiliate marketing. For example, if you do SEO you got to pick one niche. If you do joint ventures and partnerships, again you got to do one niche and focus all your energy there. If you do paid ads, you can do any niche out there as long as the payouts are high enough because you got to buy that traffic.

Once you figure that out, that’ll help you with Step 2. The second step, defining your target audience. What is the niche you want to work in? Now, most people are like, “I want to be in a niche that pays me the most money. “You don’t do well as an affiliate marketer in that. Why? Because after a while you give up, you hate what you’re doing, you’re just like “I don’t want to spend a ton of time and energy doing this.” You want to focus your efforts on what you love because what you love is what you’re going to create better content on, better marketing campaigns, better ad traffic, you’ll get more creative. You’ll be the expert. You’ll also notice that you make a huge increase in revenue when you do something you know versus something you have to learn from scratch because when you don’t know industry, you don’t understand a niche, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes, waste a lot of time and lose money compared to focusing on something that you know.

Now that you’ve done that, the next step for you is to find products that are a good fit for your audience. Now, most people do this by just googling. That’s an inefficient way. There are already affiliate sites out there that showcase product. And the products they showcase are the ones that tend to be the best performers not only for the publisher but also for the advertiser. So, by looking at these affiliate sites, you’ll know what tends to work because their top offers tend to be the ones that make the most money. Now, some of these sites are JVZoo, CJ Affiliate, OfferVault, Click2Sell, CommissionSoup, ShareASale and FlexOffers. Checking out those sites will give you a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t work in your space. I would recommend going after the products that are popular on these sites cause that means affiliates are making a lot of money. If you pick the products that aren’t that popular on those sites, that usually means affiliates aren’t willing to promote them because they don’t generate them enough income.

Step 4
Next up, you need to build your funnel. So, let’s say you have SEO going, right, and you have this traffic. Starts with content, then you want to collect to email and you can collect to email through Hello Bar or any tool out there. You want to create a lead magnet. You can’t just use these tools. You’ve got to have an offer. So, email in exchange for an ebook. Then, once you have their email, drive them to a webinar. That webinar allows you to sell that product or service to those people. You can also, for all the people who don’t convert in the webinar, follow up through an email sequence and sell them through text-based. Combining a webinar through text-based sequences, you should start getting sales from your SEO traffic. Now let’s say you’re leveraging paid ads, it’s hard to convert through a straight sell so what you want to do is first create a landing page that educates and provides a ton of value. But that landing page, not only providing value, you’re talking about the product in there and then you’re driving people to that product page where they can buy. Ideally, you should have some testimonials and case studies within that educational piece of content. If you don’t, you’ll find that you won’t generate as many sales. Now, you could also do another thing in which, for all the people that don’t convert and are about to exit, collect their email, again you can use tools like Hello Bar, have a lead magnet, offer a free ebook or anything like that, drive them in through a webinar sequence and also you can follow-up with them through email again and convert them on products and services. That way, the paid traffic that’s leaving and not converting right then and there, you can still get them to convert over the next two or three weeks. Now, if you’re monetizing through JVs and partnerships, the best way to convert is to co-host a webinar. Get other people who are influencers in your space along with you being on a webinar, selling a product or a service converts extremely well. It’s the easiest way through JVs and partnerships is to just focus almost all your effort on the webinars.

Now the last step I have for you increase the lifetime value. Most affiliates, drive conversions, they collect their money and they’re like, “Woo-hoo, that’s it.”
Well, you already have that list. Why aren’t you continue selling to those people campaign after campaign? Why aren’t you continually adding value to them and not always selling? So then that way when you have the next product to sell they’re more likely to buy cause you’ve helped them out. If you just sell to them every single week, eventually they’re going to drop off your list. But if you help them out the majority of the time and then sell to them one-tenth of the time, they’re much more likely to convert. And the other thing that I would recommend is to add upsells and downsells. Once they buy one product, upon checkout, why can’t there be upselling and downsells? It’s an easy way to generate more revenue. If the website that you’re pushing doesn’t have upsells and downsells, force them to have it or let them buy from your website that product or service that other people are fulfilling and then add in your own upsells and downsells. It’s a great way for you to make more money.

Now, if you enjoyed this blog, like it, share it with others. If you have a question, leave a comment below. I’ll answer it.
Thank you for reading.

BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners 2020

Yeah, this is going to be good. So, we’re going to be going over how you get money today using the 6 best affiliate Networks. So, I’m going to be talking about a couple of different ways that you can get money. And you can make up to $5,400 with one sale, with one lead, with one click. I’m going to show you how you can do that with one of these affiliate networks. Which I’ll go over in a little bit. So, stay tuned. We have cool affiliate networks coming up where you can make high ticket commissions or where you can work with big brands. Where you can get recurring commissions, where you can get affiliate networks to pay for your car release. All sorts of stuff. Let’s check it out. I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 10 years now. So, I have a very good idea of what the best affiliate networks are. And I’m excited to show you what I believe the current best is for the year 2020. Let’s get it. Gosh, fricking love this. Okay, I love this money gun. Now, let’s talk about affiliate networks. I’ve been doing this for a while.
I know what the best ones are. But I’m going to start with something… If you want to work with big brands, I’m just going to list them all out. Number 3 and number 6 are high ticket affiliate programs so you’ll want to stick around for those, okay? I’m going to give you links to sign up for every one of these affiliate networks in the description below. I’ll be explaining to kind of what percentages they payout, what traffic sources they’re good for and some information about the products, etc. So, that you have an idea of what you’ll need to do to market these… You know, the products on these networks and how much money you can expect to earn. Now, between these networks, you can do all of this worldwide. Some networks will accept some countries, some networks will accept their countries. But overall, these cover every single country in the world. Okay, ShareASale. So, ShareASale is a great network because they work with a lot of big brands. You can see here’s you know Major League Baseball, right? This is Jillian Michaels. Famous weight loss trainer. So, you see MBA stores. So, you have a lot of big brands that are working with this. I suggest you sign up. A lot of these affiliate networks will ask you for a website. Now, you can give him one of your social media profiles. You can use that as your website. I do suggest you get a website, though, okay? Register a website. Bluehost.com. It cost $3 a month. There’s no reason not to have a website. So, ShareAsale right here. And as you see, this is if you’re logged in to ShareASale, you see all the merchants. Now, it’s interesting to note about ShareASale is a lot of their programs are physical products. A lot of clothing lines, you’re seeing a lot of makeup lines, eyeglasses, physical goods, accessories. All sorts of stuff like that. A lot of these programs, they don’t pay super high commissions. They’ll pay may be anywhere from 5% about 15% commissions. So, if you sell a product from the NBA store, let’s say you sell to you know Kevin Durant jerseys or a Lebron James Jersey, you can make about $50 each make about 10 bucks. But the great thing about this is their big brands. And you can get in front of people easily. And this is the stuff that people are going to buy anyways. You don’t have to do many sales. You just have to get in front of the right people and put the product in front of their faces. They’re going to buy it anyways. Let’s move onwards. The next site is called the max web. And this is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks. They focus primarily on digital products. Okay? So, software products, online training products, training products for you know gardening or making money or whatever. So, there’s a lot of stuff like that. They’re very fast-growing. They’re kind of similar to Clickbank. They’re kind of like a Clickbank competitor. They generally have much higher payouts. So, generally, you will get paid anywhere between 25 to 75 percent of the sales. So, much more aggressive commissions than a ShareASale. But the merchants are much less known. So, you’re going to have to use presale pages or what have you. It’s not like Nike, you know? People are already searching for Nike. These are products people aren’t searching for. So, you’ll need to do cold traffic. Use all of the methods that we’re using that I teach you in my free traffic methods playlist. I’ll have my assistant put a link up here so that you can go to the free traffic methods. But you can use all those methods for a lot of the products on Maxweb and they’ll work very effectively. Okay now, here’s an exciting affiliate a network that can make you a lot of money. It’s one of our first high ticket affiliate programs where you can make up to $54,00 with one sale. I sign up for this affiliate network right here. It’s called the super affiliate network. And it’s run by this guy Misha Wilson. Wine guy. And they just have a freaking fantastic track record of success. Now, as you see here, I’m logged into the dashboard. And this program is an old image of me. Pre-beard image of John Crestani. So, I look like kind of a douchebag. But you can make a lot of money doing this. Check this out.

They even have a leaderboard where you can see… Who else is making money with this program? So, you can even see the top earners. You know, I’m not even up there but Paulo, David Kirby, Greg Chang. You can see all these people. And you can see people’s ranks. And it’s really exciting because they’ve created a community of success here. And you see normal people from all walks of life making tons of money with this program. So, I hop on this. And it’s just so… The amount of success and the amount of hype they bring, it’s really fun. They have events all around the world. They have what’s called their Maui intensive which I highly recommend you go to. Great program. You teach, they immerse you in affiliate marketing and starting an internet business and you can learn so much from attending their events. I highly suggest you attend their events. They have a lot of Education within their program. It’s not just an affiliate network but it’s also an education platform so you can learn a lot of stuff there. And if you’re wondering about the commission structure, let me bring this up here. They pay anywhere from 30 to 70 percent. So, you can earn as much as 70% on some of these sales and they offer training products that range from $24 up to about $18,000. And you can earn about 30% of $18,000 about $5,400. So you have the chance of you know, getting $5,000 commission which is, really, really cool. So, I try this program. And what’s even better is they will pay for a car for you. So, if you get enough sales with this program, you will get $2,500 a month towards a car. Pretty neat. And they’re fast expanding in the US. I mean they’re leading a Panzer tank blitzkrieg of the American market. They’ve been opening offices out here hiring tons of people. And they’re going to be pretty big. I just started an American market in 2019. So, you can expect to see a lot of companies signing up and working with this. A lot of affiliates. And I would encourage you to sign up for Digi store as well. They will accept people from anywhere in the world.

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